…which many of you will remember, is the roman numeral for 500!

You’re probably fed up with hearing about it now, but today was the day that His Swedish Royalness and I were doing our joint 500th caches! The day started with a right royal slap-up brekkie at His Majesty’s gaffe, featuring blackie supplied by the wonderful JG and Ned, and then we headed for Salisbury. There was a brief pause at A Wing and a Prayer – which I’d done before and Mallers hadn’t – to let him get his 499th, and then another when he chickened out of driving the Tammymobile through a deep ford. Second try, he took it through – or, if T is reading this, we found an alternative route for her lovely car…

The cache chosen for the mighty 500th was Old Sarum – following the Wombles, a multi around an ancient monument on the outskirts of Salisbury, followed by the cache itself, well outside the ancient monument bit itself. It was a great day for caching, hot and sunny, the clues were all easily found, and we soon had the final co-ordinates. Finding the final location was a matter of minutes…we’d done it!

Then it was back to the car, enjoying the sunshine and the moment – I’m hoping the view in this pic will bring back some memories for at least a few of my readers! Then courtesy of swedish royal transport, it was back home.

I spent the afternoon sorting things out ready for tomorrow’s event, and going to the gym. I’d thought about calling in to the Bright Water for a quick half after working out, but it was full of chavs waving their beer in the air and chanting “We won! We won!” It was nice of them to celebrate our 500th cache so enthusiastically, but I think at least part of the reason for their joy was the result of the England game – which of course we didn’t really win, we were just a bit less rubbish than they were.

So that was my day – hope you all had as much fun as we did!

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