Numbers Game

I’m sure you’ll have noticed my “geocaching stats” up there at the top of the page.

I don’t normally view caching as a numbers game: I cache a lot because I enjoy it, not to rack the numbers up, and lately I’ve been caching much more for quality than quantity: This time last year I’d done 21 more caches since the start of the year than I have this year. But as you’ll see, I’m getting close to 500 finds, as is my good chum Mallers, and we’ve agreed to do our 500ths together. I’m keen not to keep him waiting, so I’m trying to keep the momentum going.

So, this afternoon I went out to the New Forest to chase a couple of caches placed by my good mate Nobby Nobbs. The first I went for warns in the instructions “It would be a good idea to take gloves with you”, and from this, and knowing the area, I’d guessed that gorse bushes would be involved. Even knowing this, I turned up without either pokey stick or gloves, and after thrashing hopelessly for a while, I gave up.

The second for the afternoon, Brews and Views Number 2, proved a little easier, and I managed to log a trig point on the way. Better still, on the walk back to the car I found a good stout pokey stick, and went back for another go at my previous failure. This time, I found Brews and Views Number 1 in a couple of minutes.

Having enjoyed the views, I decided to stop for a brew on the way home: The recommended parking for each of the Brews and Views caches is close to somewhere to get a nice drink, and for these two it’s a rather good tearoom. A pot of tea for one cost 1.90, and I got five good-sized cups out of that, which has to be good value by anyone’s standards.

It also came with a nice piece of chocklit cake, but I’d better not mention that in case the nurse from the diabetes clinic is reading.

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