I’ve got a narrow cutway going past the back of my house.

That’s quite lucky really – it’s the only way to get things in and out of the back driveway, where my caravan lives. The problem is that the cutway is at quite a sharp angle to the drive, and is only open at one end: When I get home with the caravan on the back of the car, it’s quite easy to reverse it into the driveway, because the angle works for you, but so far the only way I’ve been able to get it out is to shove it out manually, spin it round on the next-door neighbour’s hard standing, and hitch the car up afterwards. That’s fine – although hard work – but my luffly Mum wot helps me do it isn’t getting any younger, and nor am I come to that.

So, today’s experiment was to see if I could hook it up to the car in the driveway, then drive out facing away from the entrance, then using my superior caravan-manoevering skills, do a three-million point turn using the hardstanding and drive out. Well, the answer is, actually driving out – which is the hard bit to do manually – is possible, but turning the caravan round in the available space isn’t. So the first option is are, get the caravan out, then reverse back down the cutway into the road. Not recommended, although with someone to look out for oncoming cars it might be do-able. The other is to tow out, then unhitch, spin round and re-hitch. I think that’s the one I’m going for.

Also today, I did a maintenance visit on my cache Test Way One, and went to the gym. Oh, and I learned another valuable caravan-towing lesson, namely “When you’re towing at slow speed, and the caravan brakes are squeaking, check the handbrake is off.”

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