Today, my dear reader, I tidied my desk.

In case you were wondering, that’s the “after” picture. The sad thing is, it took an hour’s effort to make it look like that.

Of more importance is the astonishing fact that I’m going to be even more famous than I am already! Yes, that great movie impresario SimonG has given me a role in his forthcoming film. I’d originally put in for the part of “Newsreader’s Voice on the Radio”, but that went to a much better qualified candidate, so now I’m actually going to appear on-screen in the key pivotal role of “Pleb Number One”. Apparently Brad Pitt wanted it, but Simon said it had to be me, as the part calls for a short fat bald bloke. I think it’s because I have to stand next to him at one point, and he wants someone to make him look good.

And after work it was another nice evening, so I dug out my geocaching kit and found Hursley Alphabet Soup, the first geocache I’ve done where it was actually useful having a four-wheel drive gruntmobile! Then I went to church group, then I went home.

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