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Since I’ve just got out of the shower, I’m typing this blog without my glasses on. So if my typing is even worse than usual…well, tough, basically.

The big news at the moment,of course, is that yesterday someone threw some purple powder at the Prime Munster*, and it made me realise – among other things – how this sad prat is almost universally despised. The only people who like him are the Tories, since with Bliar** at the head of the Labour party, the Tories are almost guaranteed to win the next General Election. One person in our group even said recently in his blog “Mr Bliar, I hope you get {insert name of horrible disease}”. Personally I don’t – my Dad died of that same disease, so I know from his experience that sufferers get the very best care the NHS has to offer, and the Patronising Prat doesn’t deserve that. My preference would be to see him ousted from power in some way that also deals with his lardassed, vacuous, bovine deputy and dumps them in a dole queue where they belong.

Of course that’ll never happen: Boosh would never stand by and watch his underling ousted, since if anything happened to Bliar, Boosh would have to polish his own shoes. I can just imagine it:
Boosh: Boys, Britain is in anarchy…send in the National Guard

Flunkey: Erm, sorry Mr President, Britain doesn’t have a National Guard

Boosh: WHAT? Everywhere else in the USA does!

Flunkey: Actually Mr President, most people over there don’t realise Britain is one of the states of the USA

Actually, Mr Flunkey Person, more and more of us are realising it.

Normal blogging service resumes tomorrow with a bit of luck.

*That one ISN’T a typo
**Nor is that

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