A Nice Day with Chums

I’d have rather liked to stay in bed this morning, but I had to get up – I’d arranged to meet some caching chums in a pub for lunch and silliness, and I had some caches to do on the way :-) . First was one owned by my good chums Tim and June, Big Pond, where the picture alongside was taken. Then I moved on to Ickle Pond, another Tim and June one. A nice couple of caches to start the day.

Then onwards to the parking for the next cache – sadly the wrong parking, which led to me taking what could best be described as an “unauthorised” route to River Walk Tilford, and from there – rather than going back to the car – I walked on to Overlord (Surrey), an unusually interesting micro cache close to an area used for experimental work leading up to the D-Day landings in the second world war.

Then it was time for the pub, and a day of general hilarity, featuring food and drink, finding silly things (and in some cases breaking them), winning a bottle of wine in a quiz, and watching people bouncing on pogo sticks.

Then on the way home, I stopped off for a quick walk down to Ed the Navigator, before heading for home.

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