Moany Moany

I’ve had a complaint – in fact, I’ve had two. Not about last night’s blog, which I thought would at least stir someone up, but about previous blogs: Both Rob and Bel (Happy Birthday for yesterday, Bel, by the way) have complained that all I ever seem to do is go geocaching. Ermmm, yes…hey guys, don’t read the “what I did after work” section of today’s offering.

However, you may be pleased to know that tomorrow and Sunday have been declared official geocache-free days. Tomorrow I have a number of caravan-related tasks to do at home (I was going to do them last weekend, but I went geocaching instead), and on Sunday I’m taking my Mum out for lunch because tomorrow is her birthday, and previous experience suggests that when that’s over I’ll be too bloated to do much other than flop in a chair in front of the telly.

Today I went to work: Tim the Engineer complained that I haven’t filled up the Engineering department’s First Aid box for ages. No Tim, in fact I’ve never filled it up. It isn’t my job. It’s your department’s first aiders’ job. Whinge at them.

Then Vinny, the Short Spanish Safety Rep, came and had a go. As I’m the Health and Safety Officer you’d think he was on safer ground.
“Heya, Pauly: Desa guys in Despatch say they’ve-a got loads-a hazards which ain’t-a been sorted…innit?” (I’m not perpetuating stereotypes here, he really does speak like that. I don’t think he’s Spanish at all: I reckon he’s a Martian, and he learned to act like a Spaniard by watching the intergalactic repeats of Fawlty Towers)
“Oh. Funny, I’ve not seen any hazard reports”
“They’va not made-a out-a any hazard reports…innit?”
“Go away”
“Si Señor, gracias…have a good weekend, innit?”

Anyway, after work I went geocaching…hooray! I’d been debating with myself which ones to do today, and in the end chose two fairly close together and both set by caching chums: Firstly I went and did Up and Down Again, by the Blitzy’s, a really nice walk around some downland: Then I did the Bramblers’ cache Dodge City – Where Time Stood Still.

Finally I went to a social pub meet of my Raynet group, then I went home. Night night.

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