I’ve decided it must be something to do with whatever-it-is that I’ve got, that’s making me feel a bit down and a bit under the weather. There seem to be a lot of people suffering the same, including, remarkably, Omally. Still, he left a cheerful, incomprehensible comment in my “comments”, so that’s all right.

This may be the last Blog for a few days, as I’m going to be away and may not be able to prevail upon my host’s generosity with their internet connection…never mind, I’ll tell you all about it (in excruciating detail) when I get back. And hopefully sometime over the weekend I’ll be able to catch the geocache “Grockles’ Gumbo North”, the only one in that series that I haven’t yet got.

Oh, and my one remaining missing eBay purchase turned up today, so I’m a happy bunny on that front now as well.

Time now for The Archers, so I’ll leave you to it. Look after yourselves in my absence, and I’ll see you all soon.

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