Running Late

Today started rather later than expected, when I woke up and realised I had 35 minutes to get to church. I hate oversleeping.

After church – yes, I did make it in time, just – I went to B&Q: Some good chums of mine are getting married in the near future, and have requested B&Q vouchers as wedding presents, so I dropped in with the intention of getting some, as well as some other things I needed: Unfortunately the car park was packed to bursting with trainee Vicky Pollards, so I decided to come back after lunch…

It was no better then, but at least I wasn’t hungry ;-) . I got the vouchers, and one of the other things I wanted: For the remainder I had to go to Halfords, and by the time I’d done all that I’d lost the will to do anything energetic – so the rest of the day was passed in odd jobs like writing wedding cards, a bit more advance work on the Jenny and Chris wedding website, and checking out Nottingham / Derby caches ready for next weekend.

And that’s been my day, really. Still outstanding is checking the car out ready for next weekend’s long trip, packing, and shoe polishing. Lucky it’s a bank holiday tomorrow.

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