Those of you who follow sport may have noticed that with this afternoon’s footie results in, Portsmouth are safe and cannot now be relegated :-). So that’s good.

I got the news that we’d beaten Wigan (pretty unexpectedly, but they all count) with a text message from my chum Janny-poos, when I came out of the shower in the gym. Later confirmation that Birmingham had only drawn against Newcastle meant that they go down, along with West Brom and Sunderland, and we’re safe.

On the subject of the gym, I already mentioned that last Sunday was my best session to date, at 1730 calories. Starting with that, and aided by good sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and this afternoon, this week is my best week so far with 5810.

If you look up to the top of the screen, you’ll see that so far – with a third of the year gone – I’ve achieved more than half my target number of calories for the year. And on that subject, tonight’s contribution from the “I don’t know if this’ll work” club is that I’ve automated the gym calories stats thing: I normally update it manually every Saturday afternoon, but of course next Saturday I’ll be a bit busy: So at midday next week, it should automatically change to the new version. But it probably won’t ;-)

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