On The Perils of Knowing Two People with the Same Name

I made what could easily have been an embarrassing mistake the other night.

I was talking to a friend of mine, when I received a text message from a number I didn’t recognise. It soon became clear why I didn’t recognise it when I read it – it said “Hi, this is my new mobile number”, and was signed by someone I’ve not had contact with for a few months. “Urrrgh,” I commented, “I’ve had a text message from a pillock” (I didn’t exactly say pillock, but that’s specific enough for our purposes).

Imagine the embarrassment potential when I realised that the text hadn’t come from a pillock at all, but from a much nicer person who happens to have the same name – worse still, it was the girlfriend of the person to whom I made the comment :-( . Luckily, they’ve both got a sense of humour ;-) – at least, I hope they still have – and I’ve ‘fessed up, which reduces my guilt feelings a bit.

In other news, I’ve found a new caching-related game! The GeocacheUK website offers personalised maps for each UK cacher, showing the locations of every cache that person’s found. As you’ll see if you look at mine, when there are a load close together, it all joins up into a red blob – or as in my case, several red blobs with gaps in between.

So, the new game is picking and finding caches to colour in the gaps. This being the case, I was hoping to tell you I’d done two caches in the Bourne Valley – unfortunately one of them was a fail to find :-( . I DID get Brookside, though, so that puts a bit of red where it’s needed. Then I went on and did the first two stages of The Nine Brothers of Durham, a mighty nine-part multi-mega-puzzle cache :-) .

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