Oh-Oh-Oh It’s Magic

Some of you will have seen the artwork which a certain pizza-scoffing artist loon has produced for Jenny and Chris’s wedding stationery.

Jenny asked if I could make that the header graphic for her blog sometime over the wedding weekend, then on second thoughts commented “Ah no, you’re coming up on the Friday aren’t you, so you’ll have to do it before you leave”. I reminded her that the hotel I’m staying in has wi-fi, so it isn’t that difficult, but then I thought “There must be a better way than that”.

So I asked my favourite pizza-scoffing internet consultant loon for advice on automatic time-generated picture changeover, and he gave me a bit of code that’ll do the job. I tested it out this afternoon in a hidden corner of one of my web pages, and at ten past two this afternoon, a picture of my ickle Godson turned into a map of Dartmoor. Since this was what I’d hoped would happen, it’s rather good news :-) . So that works, and all I’ve got to do is copy the code into Jenny’s page.

I’ve also started work on the “Wedding Pictures” website, but that WILL have to be done by wi-fi, since for some odd reason the pictures aren’t available in advance. What I plan to do is have the page ready on Jenny’s site, so that all I need to do on Saturday evening is get the pics from the photographer (whom I suppose I should e-mail at some time), and any other photographers who are there on the day1: Resize them, give them the predetermined file names and upload them.

For those of you unable to be there for whatever reason, I hope to have a quick-and-mean version of the picture gallery available on the web about 11:00 PM, but it depends how much I’m enjoying the party!

1 Stu? Andy? John? Please ;-)

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