Foiled Again

My chums the Dorset Green Wellie Brigade1 – aided and abetted by Team Tate and Lady H. and the CBs2 – have been persuading me that a weekend caching in Dorset would be a good idea.

In an idle moment today, therefore, I did some research: I picked a nice youth hostel with a cluster of caches around it, and with a decent pub for eating just up the road. “When shall I go?” I thought, and looked at the calendar.

Curses, foiled again.

It doesn’t help that I’ve decided not to add anything (that I’m not already committed to) to the calendar between now and my next exam – which is only a frightening 11 weeks away. Then after that I’m on holiday, then it’s Jenny’s birthday weekend, followed by a cache bash being planned. Not long after that it’s the Great Yorkshire Cachepedition, then it’s nearly time for the next Hospital Radio conference, with a couple of Raynet commitments to fill in the gaps. And then it’ll be November :-( .

Oh well, I’m sure we’ll make it fit, as they say.

1 Sarah’s Mum and Dad
2 Sarah’s sister, plus Sam and Ollie

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