Where Did the Weekend Go?

Well, I’ve enjoyed the weekend…but it does seem to have flashed past!

Yesterday we had a Raynet training session, after which I went down to visit Sarah: We sat in the sun and discussed this and that, then Helen – Sarah’s sister – arrived, and we did more of the same, only with tea and chocklit biscuits. We chatted until the footie results came in (Portsmouth won, Southampton lost :-) ), then Sarah, Helen and the boys went to find Luttrell’s Tower (although Sarah already knew where it was, of course), and I headed for the Chinese takeaway.

This morning started with a visit to a different church to normal – my chum Lesley was being licenced as a reader at her new church, and a crowd of us went over to wish her all the best. After lunch, I headed for the gym, and did my best session of the year – 1730 calories burned! And now, if you’ll excuse me, I REALLY must go and do some revision.

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