Wot I Did After Work

It’s Friday and the evenings are getting longer…what do you think? To get a cluster of caches I could do all together, I had to go all the way to Whitchurch, there being nothing nearer home than odd ones isolated on their own. It was worth it, though :-)

Tonight’s caches started with Do Your Homework, an interesting puzzle cache involving some homework maths questions such as might be set for an eight-year-old and a thirteen-year-old. The thirteen year old’s question was easy – it was statistics after all – but I have to admit, I had to write a spreadsheet to solve the supposedly easier one! Anyway, the cache was an easy enough fine, and the wildflowers were great.

Next was a multicache walk around Whitchurch itself, Just Test-ing. Some lovely locations, an easily solved puzzle, and a final location that I’ve often spotted while passing on the main road. Then finally, Portal’s Paper Chase, another great walk around the infant river Test.

Pictures tomorrow, if time allows :-)

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