Sorry to be so brutal, but it’s true: Today I perspired freely.

I made a visit to the work location which is just round the cornerfrom where Henners lives: The site manager there had something to tell us, and when he’d done that, he had to tell the same thing to the peope who actually work there. Since a jelly factory is a continuous production process, you can’t just stop it and have a briefing meeting, so it was agreed that they’d stop the jelly-making-bit, and those of us who’d already been told would go and run the wrapping and packing section while all the factory blokes were told.

I HAVE worked in a packing section, but it was a long time ago. Heavens to betsy, what a mess. Apparently there was more product wasted in the hour that the four of us were running the packing section, than in a normal week when the proper people are doing it.

And it was hot, and we sweated :-( .

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