Good Friday

Today, of course, is Good Friday.

Our church had a joint service with our chums from the Baptist church up the road – although as they’ve already outgrown their new church building, we actually had it in the school gym. Then after coffee and hot cross buns, we walked to the centre of Totton to meet with all the other churches from the area, for a joint outdoor service. It rained.

My geocaching activities for the day had been pre-determined: Firstly a trip down to Luttrell’s Tower, owned by Team Tate, and which the last two seekers had reported unfindable. As I’ve already found it, I said I’d go and check it was still there – I really didn’t expect it to be missing, it’s too well hidden for that. Then on to perform a maintenance check on They Flew From the Forest, also one of Team Tate’s. The last finder had reported that the log sheet was a bit damp, so I’d offered to go and sort it. Anyway, before I headed off, Sarah texted to tell me that Luttrell’s Tower had been logged, so it wasn’t missing any more :-) .

So, down to the soggy one – and five minutes with the Gruntmobile’s hot air blower soon sorted that out! Then, via a rather rubbish trig point to the gym, and home to prepare for the cachepedition tomorrow.

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