Exam Results

You may have noticed that I’ve been waiting on some exam results

The more intuitive among you may even have noticed that I’ve been getting a bit uptight about them. These are the results of the exams I took back in January, modules B and C for the national diploma. I was in no way confident when I took them, and was expecting either a borderline pass or a borderline fail in each.

Well, the results arrived today – two passes! By no means good passes, but comfortably above the borderline and both capable of becoming “Credits” on the units, with good assignments. So, the state of play on my diploma at the moment is:

Module A: Assignment passed, exam due in July.
Module B: Assignment posted yesterday, result awaited: Exam passed.
Module C: Assignment not yet done, exam passed.

I think that deserves a :-) or two :-)

I had some other good news in a phone call from my chum Tim this afternoon, but that’s not for this public forum ;-)

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