I’ve just had a shower and put clean clothes on, so now I feel all fresh and squeaky clean, folks. I’m sitting at my PeeCee, clean and sweet smelling and eating birthday cake*…what better end could there be to a Sunday?

I got to church this morning and discovered it was my turn on the coffee rota: I normally get out of these duties by forgetting them and not being in church on the appropriate day, but today I was caught out. Then after church I went and collected my Mum and took her out for lunch, because it was her birthday yesterday**, after which she wanted to go shopping, so while she browsed Sainsbo’s, I had a look round “World of Quid” to see if they were selling anything useful for cache goodies.

Then home to see if it was possible to watch the Test Match on TV and simultaneously do some of the outstanding jobs on the caravan***. After which I logged into the chatroom, and helped**** Sarah log Stu on a webcam cache in the states…and we all watched a ‘Merkin try to steal a bike.

I must mention my current listening…it’s an album loaned to me by my mate Do-Ron-Ron, called “Gary Moore: Best of the Blues”. If you like guitar rock, go out and buy it straight away…unless you already have, of course.

Since I promised I wouldn’t go geocaching today, that’s about it…although I did almost finish getting “Test Way 1″ ready to go. And now peope are starting to appear in the chatroom, and it’s nearly time for The Archers…see you later!

*Not my Mum’s, although it WAS her birthday yesterday. It was also the birthday of the little boy over the road.

**Told you.

***It was

****For a given definition of “help”

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