Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

British Summer Time started in the early hours of this morning.

As happens every year, the lunatic elements of the British press – i.e. the Daily Mail – have been banging on about it all week. Apparently, having gone forward to BST, we should stay there come the Autumn and not go back to Greenwich Mean Time. Next Spring we should go forward another hour – putting us two hours ahead of GMT – and stay there. This is what was done during the second world war, apparently to increase morale.

This time round, the right-wing reactionaries want to do it to increase public safety: Apparently most accidents in the winter happen on dark evenings, so by extending the daylight available, you make things safer for everyone. Of course – and I’m precis-ing what the Mail said here, but not much – it kaes things more dangerous for people who work early mornings, likefarmers and milkmen, but hey – who cares about them anyway?

Leaving aside the fact that it’s a barking mad idea, which overall won’t improve safety for anyone1, have they no idea of history? GMT – that is, “Real” British time – is based on being Noon when the Sun is overhead at Greenwich, and most of the techy world works to a system called UTC, which is locked to GMT. Greenwich Mean Time is the only remnant we’ve got left of the time when half the world was coloured red on the map, and to change it now – when there’s no overall benefit – would be bonkers.

The difference this year is that the plan has the backing of the House of Lords, who are processing a bill to make it really happen. Luckily, the Mail is whinging that those communist plebs in the Commons will chuck it out. For once the Boy Tony and his Cast of Idiots seem to be likely to do something right.

1 I’m not prepared to put the effort in to proving that tonight, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I AM “Safety Boy” after all.

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