Today’s debate was: stay at home and revise, or go geocaching? I really need the revision, and the rubbish weather forecast militated against caching. On the other hand, I haven’t done much – by my standards – lately, and you know what they say about “all work and no play”, so after my haircut I headed for the New Forest.

First was Ringwood – It’s All White!, which you won’t be surprised to hear is a multi-cache around Ringwood. The cache was easy enough – my mistake was in not going to Lois’s fabby pub for lunch, as I’d intended: Instead, I found a nice-looking little tea shop near where I was parked, whereas Lois is right over the other side of the town.

Note to self: Next time, go to Lois’s.

Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d decided to save the three caches around Fordingbridge for a day out? Well, they were the ones I chose for this afternoon. First, Birthday Box, a multi-cache starting with a walk around town picking up clues, then out on footpaths and the delightfully-named “Puddleslosh Lane” to the cache location. Back through Fordingbridge bypassing the car park and on to Matthew and Rory’s Cache, a simple little traditional cache, before returning to the car via a tea shop in the town for hot chocklit :-)

Last for the day was Ogdens View, another multi with clues around a little village, and a wet muddy walk (in the rain) on to the cache location.

I haven’t been walking in the rain for ages, and I’d forgotten how much fun it is: The New Forest has a lovely fresh smell in the rain, and there are rarely many other people about. So, I’ve walked over five miles, found four caches, and had some excellent fresh air. I feel revitalised for my revision efforts.

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