…or at least, revision.

Regular readers will know that I’m in the middle of doing the National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, and on the grounds that if I’ve got to suffer, someone else is going to as well, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about it.

The syllabus is divided into three parts:

  • Module A: “Organisational” – law, statistics, measurement and organisation.
  • Module B: “Agents” – anything that can hurt you: Noise, heat and cold, chemical and biological agents, stress, radiation and so on.
  • Module C: “Machinery and Workplace Safety” – Buildings, machinery, electricity, fire etc.

Each module is examined by one assignment and one three-hour exam, both of which have to be passed to pass the overall module – although a borderline fail in the exam is allowed to be redeemed by a stunningly good assignment. Each exam consists of six compulsory “short” questions, worth ten marks each, and five “long” questions of which you have to choose three, each of which is worth twenty.

So far, I’ve taken the Module B and C exams – results due in the next two weeks – and passed the “A” assignment. I’ve also…umm…”not passed” the “B” assignment, and been gently encouraged to try again :-) . I’ve completed my next go at it, although it doesn’t have to be in for another five weeks, so I’m hanging on to it and I’ll have another look just before I submit it, in case I think of any last-minute improvements.

The “C” assignment is the fire one I’ve mentioned in previous blogs: I can either do that one and submit it, or wait to see what the next one published is about: To be honest it’s unlikely to be a subject I know less about than fire loading :-D . And the “A” exam is the one I’m currently revising for – the exam itself is in July, so be ready for a load more blogs on that subject to come…

Anyway, after work tonight I had the choice of caching or the gym: I went and did Luttrell’s Tower, a new local cache placed by my good chums Team Tate. A good walk along the beach and back, and a very sneaky hiding place!

And then I went to the gym afterwards: Best of both worlds :-)

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