Today’s principal event was another Raynet: The Eastleigh 10k road race. It was much warmer than last week’s event, thank goodness, although still cold enough. As you can see, it involved much posing around looking good, and in my location on the finishing line I was working with some old chums from my days in Public Address: Rather sickeningly David, the strapping young lad who was one of the PA presenters was someone I first met when he was about four :-( .

I must remember to buy the local paper tomorrow – I made sure I was standing right on the finishing line – in view of the press photographers – when the winner came through. OK, it’s only the Southern Daily Echo (aka “The Scummers Gazette” ), but it still counts.

We had a little play with some new technology, which was fun, and afterwards I went to the gym. Stupid steam room – which was working yesterday – is broken again.

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