Well, as I suspected (see yesterday), today we did the “Early start, work through lunch, finish early” thing. Although this meant I missed lunch, it did mean I had a spare hour after we finished, and if you need me to tell you what I did with the time, you haven’t been following the story so far.

Just up the road from out Byfleet factory, Henry the Thirst has planted the geocache Weyside Wander 2, and although I didn’t have my GPS or any of my caching kit with me, the cache description was detailed enough for me to get the find. It was a lovely walk alongside the canal, and on the way I saw a swan with some cygnets, some ducks with ducklings, and some grebes with…um…grebelets? Isn’t it funny how these things happen when you haven’t got a camera?

Then I drove back, dumped the company car and collected the Gruntmobile, and went to church group. And now I’m at home, and it’s time for a shower and bed. Night night.

PS…thanks to Henry and Trouty for a lovely cache!

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