Wedding Bells

Congratulations to Claire and Adam on their nuptials today!

Weddings must be in the air or something – on the same day as Mr and Miss Sixty tied the knot, my invitation arrived for Jenny and Chris’s wedding. For those of you who’ve not seen one, it has a cartoon by SimonG on it, which is rather nice, as well as the wedding details, needless to say. Best of all, the wedding isn’t until four in the afternoon, so there’ll be time for a couple of caches beforehand :-) .

I’d been going to wash the Gruntmobile this morning, but it was too darned cold for that: Instead, I just hosed off the worst of the crud that had gathered during last weekend’s off-roading, and left it at that. Of course I then had to hose down the driveway and the pavement, in the course of which I broke the yard broom :-(

This afternoon was gym time – my best session ever so far, with 1550 calories burned :-) . Then it was home for some lovely revision.

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