Window Dressing

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs my work colleagues Graham and Mike, and the Portacabin in which our office lives.

Recently – in an attempt to make the place look more like an office occupied by professionals, and less like a squat – we squandered a few quid of the company’s money on some venetian blinds1. Originally our windows were covered by some tacky vinyl material in a tasteful striped pattern, held up at the window by drawing pins – great for stopping the draughts coming in through the window which wouldn’t shut (it does now, we’ve fixed that as well), but a bit rubbish where natural light is concerned.

Since we’ve had our blinds, I’ve taken to having the one next to my desk open a few inches. Not too much, the view’s rubbish anyway, but enough to let some daylight in. The other day, I noticed that some juvenile (I suspect2 Graham) had pinned up a notice outside:


1 Typical. You go for ages without a “q” appearing, then along come three in the same sentence.
2 Where “suspect” = “know damned well it was…”

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