A while ago, in comments on this blog, some of you commented that you’d never heard of the fabbo prog rock band Camel.

Well, if you’ve heard the trailer on Radio 4 at the moment for Lenny Henry’s new series, the flute playing at the beginning is Camel. I can’t immediately remember the track title – I’ll have to have a look when I get home tonight – but it’s from the album “Music Inspired by ‘The Snow Goose’ “, and also appears on “Camel – A Live Recording” and “Camel – A Compact Compilation”.
Edit: It’s the Latimer/Bardens composition “Rhayader”. Andy Latimer – now if you think Gary Moore gurns a lot, you should watch Latimer play!

In other news, you’ll remember recently that I threw out a GPS that had broken down, thereby lowering my status to that of “the man with four GPSs”. Well, I’ve taken some action to rectify that – sadly the new ones aren’t mine, I’ve bought them on behalf of the Raynet group. But for a short while, from the time they arrive until the treasurer arranges reimbursement, I’ll be proud to be “the man with eight GPSs”

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