Hottle Gottle

Thanks to those of you who offered support, following yesterday’s blog – it’s nice to know it isn’t only me that thinks this guy needs a good kicking :-) . If I get round to organising the “Give John a good slap” party, I’ll post details here – donations will be sought in aid of a suitable charity.

And talking of organising things, I was lucky to get advance notice of the accommodation arrangements for the Wedding of the Century: Jenny and Chris have found a place that’s offering massive discounts, so I rang them this morning and got myself booked in. It’s right opposite the reception venue, there’s a geocache just a short walk away, and best of all, there’s wireless internet access!

Actually, I must admit to being a bit worried about how excited I was to read about the wireless internet…

And finally – since you all agreed with me about the Muppet yesterday – I thought you might enjoy this little workplace exchange of emails: “Dave”1 is the manager of our distribution site two miles up the road from where I’m based.

From: Dave. To: Paul
Hi Paul
We had an accident this morning, when we looked in the first aid box there were no cleaning wipes. Could you come up and check it out for any other missing items, and restock it?

From: Paul. To: Dave
Dave, of course I’ll come up there a couple of times a week to check your blokes haven’t pilfered any of the first aid supplies.
On another subject, could you do me a favour? Could you ask your guys to give me at least ten minutes notice of when they’re going to the toilet, so I can make sure I’m there in plenty of time to wipe their backside and pull the chain for them?

He hasn’t replied yet.

1 Names have been left unchanged, to incriminate the guilty.

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