Today’s main activity was being a Raynet person at the Rockbourne Horse Ride – an 8:30 start right over on the far side of the New Forest. It was cold when I left home, but I was still surprised to see snow in the Forest…

It was cold on the event too, but at least I had a nice warm Gruntmobile to sit in. The temperature didn’t get above 1ÂșC all day, and there was a biting wind to add to the chill. Nothing went wrong, our people all seemed to enjoy themselves, and the organisers were pleased with our contribution.

My original plan had been to do a couple of caches in Fordingbridge on the way back, but I decided that Fordingbridge is near enough to home to make an interesting afternoon out once the weather gets warmer: Instead I looked around for a cache the other side of Rockbourne, which would be a bit too far from home to do normally, if I wasn’t already in the area, and was lucky to spot Stop and Smell the Roses (2), placed by my good chum Nobby Nobbs.

It was a nice walk high up on the edges of Salisbury Plain, and as you can see, I wrapped up warm! In spite of the cold, I spotted a sign of Spring being just round the corner:

And now I’ve eaten and showered, and I’m sitting in front of the fire :-) . Early night tonight!

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