As Promised

I told you on Saturday that I’d soon blog about what I did on Friday, after I’d been caching. I had a meeting to go to just up the road from where the cache was, so it wasn’t worth going home to eat. Years ago my friend Lisa recommended a pub not far away, so I decided to call in there for a meal.

I may go back there one day – everyone deserves a second chance – but I have to say I wasn’t impressed. If I’d noticed before I ordered that every table had an ashtray I’d have moved on straight away, but I didn’t. I chose the Hunter’s Chicken thing – advertised as a succulent chicken piece with cheese and bacon and “our own tasty smoky sauce”. While ordering, I noticed a selection of real ales, so I ordered a half of Henry’s.

The beer was…umm…well, not exactly flat, but definitely dull. There was nothing identifiably wrong about it – it wasn’t flat, or off, or sour – it was just bland.

The food, when it came, turned out to be a Happy Shopper-style breaded chicken cutlet, with what may have been bacon, and what was definitely some second-rate cheese melted over it. I suspect the tasty smoky sauce came from the same store as the chicken – there wasn’t really enough to tell. There WERE vegetables with it, but whoever cooked them had no truck with the notion of “al dente”. The jacket spud was burned as well, and slathered in butter.

While I was eating, the pub filled up with teenagers who were just at that age where they think it’s cool to act like an arse in public. I wasn’t sorry when it was time to leave and go to the meeting.

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