Moving Goalposts

Those of you who keep a close eye on my progress – via the two stats thingies at the top – well, what are you, a bunch of freaky weirdo stalkers? Probably, but that isn’t the reason I mention them. Close watchers, whether freaky etc or not, will have noticed that the “Gym Calories” line has slipped back a bit, having been almost off the right hand edge of the box. This is partly because of not-much-going-to-the-gym-ness this week, but mainly because I’ve changed the way the stats are measured.

When I first worked out the week-by-week targets, I simply took my target for the year (100,000), and divided it by 52, to make a weekly target of 1923. I know before I start that there are three weeks when there won’t be any gymness – two in Summer when I’m at New Wine, and one in September during the Great Yorkshire Cachepedition. So I’ve changed the weekly target to 2041 with three weeks of nothing. Hence why progress against target has fallen back.

In other news, last night I did the geocache Can’t C The Wood 4 The Trees. I’ll tell you what else I did last night in a future blog.

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