A New One


Ooh, pardon me…but I’ve just had a really nice and rather filling meal. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today I went to work, and that’s quite enough said about that, except that with twenty minutes to go to knocking-off time*, I realised that I had to go to the photocopier. The photocopier is only about thirty yards from my office, but because I have to walk through the production area to get there, I have to get all my protective clothing on.

How sexy is that?

After work I went round to Nursling and planted my new geocache, “Test Way 1″ – I’ll post a link to it once the approvers have approved it and it’s available for finding. The path that it’s on is one where Mr and Mrs Gottlegog brought the infant Gottlegog on Sunday afternoons years ago – and really it hasn’t changed that much. I’m sure that it was those Sunday afternoon walks that made me the lover of things rural that I am now.

And then I headed for the New Forest, where our church group was having our evening walk: Another two miles, followed by a meal in the “Sir Walter Tyrell”. The Hunter’s Chicken was lovely.

Night night one and all.

*For the benefit of our American readers, I should point out that “knocking off” means something different over here

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