I wish to publicly apologise to those nice people at DVLC in Swansea.

You may remember last week I blogged: “The outstanding caravan issue at the moment is that the bone idle scumbags at DVLC in Swansea (hello to Chris, if you’re reading!) still haven’t sent me the V5 for the Gruntmobile, without which I can’t get a number plate made???. Well, today I discovered that the V5 is at the sales place where I bought the car. You’d have thought after ten weeks he’d have phoned to ask why I hadn’t yet come and collected it, wouldn’t you?

In more cheerful news, the new geocache has been approved. New caches have to be submitted for approval before they go live: The approver checks that it isn’t too close to an existing cache, and that the description doesn’t say things like “The cache is on private land, but don’t worry about that???*, or “take your life in your hands and cross the motorway…???. Anyway, UK approvers are generally pretty quick but this time they’ve excelled themselves, I submitted the cache at 11 last night, it had been approved at 8 this morning, and by lunchtime it had been found twice!

If you carry on past the cache, you’ll come to this view

The Gruntmobile at the recommended parking for the cache

And in other news, today I had agreed to show two visitors around my workplace: Normally when we get visitors, they know nothing about food manufacture and aren’t really interested, and their comments are either “Ooh, isn’t it hot in here??? (yes, it is); “Ooh, isn’t it noisy in here??? (yes, it is), or “Why do we have to wear these silly hats???? (does the term “food hygiene??? mean anything to you?). For this reason, the news that visitors are due is generally the cue for people to hide under tables, in the loo, or even in meetings (yes, we get that desperate). Today’s visitors were different: She works for a confectionery manufacturer, he’s a baker; they both knew what they were talking about, and asked some interesting, intelligent questions, and it was a pleasure to look after them.

Needless to say, the fact that she’d brought along a party pack of her company’s product sample played no part in my agreeing to be their guide.

*Of course, it’s OK if the description says something like “the cache is on private property but I own it, and cachers are welcome to visit???, like, for example, this one.

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