Dickering About

Today hasn’t been that cold – according to my outdoor thermometer – but the wind has been pretty biting, and lowering the apparent temperature to a level where the best idea was to sit indoors cuddling the cat and slurping hot chocolate.

This plan fell down on three points

  • I had to drive the church minibus this morning
  • I haven’t got a cat – although I’m sure next doors’ would make himself available for cuddling purposes, if I asked
  • I haven’t got any hot chocolate

Still, the cold factor involved in clambering in and out of the minibus assisting the old fogeys to get on and off made me appreciate all the more, the chance to stay in this afternoon, so I caught up on a few odd jobs: I demoted myself to “The man with FOUR GPSs”, by throwing one in the bin that I’ve given up on getting going. I did some revision, read my book, and did some more work on my Hospital Radio Conference seminar.

So yes, you read that right – I neither geocached, nor went to the gym. I’m not obsessed, you know :-)

Oh yes, and the two eBay items I was selling for Chris sold today! Not for as much as I was expecting, but Chris seems happy. I’ve got to see about selling Holland next – apparently having the black bottom makes it very rare.

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