One of the things I really hate, is when I’m eating out and someone keeps coming over and asking “Is everything all right with your meal, sir?”. Leave me alone, you’ll soon know if there’s a problem, OK?

Luckily, the place where Mum and I usually go – and went today, which is why this is topical – never do that: In fact today they were so busy they hardly had time to draw breath, never mind bothering the customers. The chef had all the time in the world – he’s new, and while he was serving us he took time to ask what we thought of the place, what changes we’d like to see, and if we thought there was enough variety on the menu, although as we have the same thing every time we go, we may not have been the best ones to ask that question.

Following her health problems over the last year, it’s great to see my Mum really has her appetite back: She ploughed her way through a huge pile of food, only giving up partway through the plate of cheese and biscuits she had for dessert: Most of the cheese (Stilton, yum!) is now sitting in the fridge, having been “doggy-bagged” home.

I ate far too much, including a huge bowl of ice cream, so I made amends by spending the afternoon in the gym: I did my best session of the year so far, 1500 calories in 5 miles on the treadmill. So that’s the bowl of ice cream taken care of…

Ooh, and congratulations to my chums Rockin’ Rob and The Lovely Miche, on finding their 200th geocache this afternoon :-)

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