…but it’s another geocaching blog!

As most of you know, I like to leave work early on a Friday and try for a geocache or two. There’s a mercifully short period through the depth of the winter when it gets dark too early – I’ve never enjoyed night caching – but that now seems to be over for another year. I’ve already done my target number of gym calories for the week, thanks to Sunday’s bonus session, so I decided to go for some satellite-technology-guided sport this evening.

I’ve wiped up most of the caches around here, in fact the ten or so nearest to home are nearly all ones that I’ve previously tried, failed, and decided to come back to later. Tonight’s was one such – I’d searched for The Cache of Bere in the Forest of Bere before, and thrashed around for ages without success: Tonight I got straight to the first stage without trouble, and the final stage wasn’t that bad either: Better still, I arrived just as the car park was closing, so after finding somewhere to park I had all the woods to myself – apart from two roe deer I saw crashing through the trees, and a rather spooky-sounding owl I heard near the cache location.

This morning I had a blood test, which was the usual thing…still, that’s it (hopefully) for three months :-)

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