Just in case you missed this morning’s update, I found my MOT certificate. It was in the envelope that I thought it was in, which in turn was in the briefcase that I usually leave at work. The moral of this story is “Don’t use envelopes containing important documents as notepaper to scribble down Derek’s new e-mail address”.

So, my new MOT certificate lasts until March 21st 2007, which is nice. It would have been nicer if it hadn’t cost so much to get it through – although over half of what I paid them was for the 24-month service they did at the same time, so I suppose it isn’t bad. Anyway, Gruntmobile is good to go for another year, and that’s the main thing, especially as I have some interesting off-roading opportunities coming up in the next couple of weeks :-) .

I ws going to add an “in other news…” but on reflection there doesn’t seem to be any other news.

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