It’s Simon’s Fault

A conversation in the chatroom:

SimonG: What are you doing?
Gottle: Revising :-(
SimonG: Shall I test you?
Gottle: Ooh, go on then
SimonG: What’s the subject?
Gottle: Rasmussen’s model
SimonG: I’ve changed my mind, after a quick Google that looks too boring.

So, if I fail my exam, it’ll be his fault.

I’ve been having a read throught the syllabus for the module A exam…I thought I was starting to get to grips with it, but there’s loads there I haven’t done yet :-( . Even though the exam isn’t until July, I really want to crack on and get this stuff done – in April, I’ll be issued with two assignments that need to be handed in the week after the exams, and of course I might need to revise for re-sits of the two exams I’ve already taken. So I want my first run through of the revision material finished before Easter, when the exam results come out.

I’ve also got to revise the methodology of my audio-based revision system wot I blogged about last week: Some people have commented that it does work, others that it doesn’t. At first glance, it seems that the key to a successful method is to make it in bite-sized chunks, so that I’m only memorising little bits at a time. More research needed.

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