That Friday Feeling

Yes, it’s Friday again…and not just any Friday, but the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend. This of course is the worst day to have to go to Byfleet, or at least the worst day to have to come back from Byfleet, sharing the M3 with twenty million caravans heading for the coast. I suppose as a caravanner myself I can’t really complain, but I was glad that I know a back road that means I only have to use the M3 for half the trip.

I’d decided in advance that after work I was going to go geocaching, and the fact that the weather forecast wasn’t that good didn’t put me off. Nor did the fact that I forgot to take my GPS with me, luckily a quick check of the details for the cache I’d decided to do showed that it was in a fairly easily identifiable location, and the clue removed any doubt. So after work I went and found Betty Mundy’s Finest Asset, a cache planted by my fellow Pompey-supporting caching buddies Paul and Judith.

Then on the way home I called into Bishopstoke: My mate Adrian, who lives in Nottingham, has bought a UPS on eBay from someone in Bishopstoke: it would cost a fortune to send by carrier, so I collected it for him: Jenny, who also lives in Nottingham, is passing through Southampton tomorrow, so she’s going to pick it up from me and deliver it back*. And then I came home.

Have a nice weekend.

*You’re probably wondering why Jenny couldn’t collect it from Bishopstoke herself. She’d have spent the whole weekend driving around Bishop’s Waltham, Bishopsgate Insurance, and the Bishop Blaize pub.

And before you leave a sarky comment, Jenny…remember Northampton…

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