I’ve been having an occasional look at “Strictly Ice Dancing”.

Regular readers will have guessed “An occasional look” really means “Not running screaming from the room when it comes on”, but that’s more than most of these reality celebrity rubbish things get. The “interest” comes from the fact that I used to be a skater – not just an ice dancer, but a committee member of the local club and of the Southern League, and on a small number of occasions a competition judge. I tell you this not to show off my athletic past, but to show that the following comments are based on knowing what I’m talking about…

The celebrities are rubbish. Really, really rubbish. The only one of them with any concept of dancing at all is Bonnie Langford…which you’d expect really, she IS a dancer…but none of them relly deserve the marks they’re getting.

I don’t think I’ll bother to watch any more.

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