No, I haven’t been doing an Omally cache – today’s main event was being a Raynet person on the Meon Valley Plod, a twenty mile cross country running event in the Meon Valley. The event started at the Hampshire Sustainability Centre, which has a cache in the back garden – well, it would have been rude to ignore it wouldn’t it? Sadly I ran out of time – I was on checkpoint one, and had to be on the course early – so that one lives to get me muddy another day!

After I finished on checkpoint one, I reverted to my second role of Search and Rescue person, which is where most of the mud came from: A green lane made a lovely – but somewhat muddy and potholed – short cut between parts of the course, and chucking muddy runners in the back ensured the inside was as dirty as the outside :-) . The cold weather and unexpected rain ensured we were kept busy running around picking up injured runners.

Of course, there had to be a cache somewhere in the day, so on the way home I stopped and found The Second of Many on the way home. And then it was time for a Chinese takeaway and a shower…the car can wait to be cleaned later!

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