Tomorrow is scheduled to be a long day.

With this in mind, I’d planned a fairly easy day today: A bit of pottering around getting the stuff ready that I need for tomorrow, then over the gym for a quick workout and a relax in the steam room. The last thing I need in the morning, is to discover that I’ve left some preparation task not-done today, so while I was having my Weetabix I made a list.

It filled the whole back of an A5 envelope.

Admittedly they weren’t all things that had to be done today, but most were, and the others were things like “Sort out eBay stuff for Chris” that I’ve been promising to do for ages, so I really ought to get round to them soon. By now – as teatime draws near – most of them are done, and I’m sitting in a comfy chair with the lappy on my knee working my way through the remainder and listening to Gary Moore on the headphones, courtesy of non-rubbish wifi-age :-) .

Now I seem to have almost completed a blog entry titled “Moan” without moaning…oh, OK then: Rubbish Post Office stamp machine was broken. And rubbish gym steam room was broken. I think it’s time for a ham sandwich and a glass of wine.

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