Anonymous Hartebeests

I posted a comment on Elly’s blog this morning.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I read his blog, I worry about Elly’s mental state – of course he could be still under the effects of the alcohol he consumed on Saturday. Anyway, those of you who’ve commented on the Ellyblog will know that the “Name” field comes up pre-filled in with “Anonymous Chicken”, and you have to either change it, or have your comment forever labelled as coming from a feathery yellowbelly who wouldn’t give their name.

For some reason, I thought it would be hilarious to change it to “Anonymous some-other-creature” before commenting, and my wild and wacky mind suggested “Anonymous wildebeest”, the wildebeest, through no fault of its own, being a pretty comical animal. Only after commenting did I notice that someone had already commented using the name “Anonymous wildebeest”, so then I had to post ANOTHER comment explaining that I wasn’t the original “Anonymous wildebeest”, but a different one.

You may have guessed from the incomprehensibility of this post that I’m not well – my eyes are streaming and I keep sneezing, I suppose it’s always possible I’ve got a cold. I do hope Jenny doesn’t ring me for wireless networkification advice this evening – I’m always pleased to try to help, but I’m likely to tell her “You need to plug the USB lead into the ATCHOOO flibble wibble wobble”, and she’d then have to try to do that, which wouldn’t be very helpful.

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