Race Against Time

The “Battery Critically Low” alarm has just popped up on the lappytoppy – I wonder if I can get a decent blog churned out before I vanish?

Because of 34sp embrokenment yesterday, I failed to tell you all about the great cachers’ day out I went to: My chum Blitzy had organised the fourth Late Christmas Cache Bash, at a pub just the other side of Winchester. There were cachers aplenty, a sepcial cache set for the day (which I was joint first-to-find with Nobby Nobbs and KittyHawk), food, beer, loads of cachers including several I’ve never met before, and the great quiz organised by…ME! What a lovely day I had, and I even got to spend some decent time with MCL, who’d been prevented from attending Saturday’s MongMeet by injudicious date selection, his sister choosing that day to get married.

And today, I’ve used up my other surplus day off work: I’ve attended to a rattle in the Gruntmobile, topped up oil and water, found my PDA stylus and hoovered the mud out of the car, some of which has been there for an embarassingly long time. And this afternoon I’m going to do some more work on a talk I’m doing at the next Hospital Broadcasting conference, and getting in a bonus hour at the gym.

It’s a busy life, isn’t it?

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