Woo! What a fabby day out in Oxford, at the SimonGers’ meet! Those of you who were there will know what a great time we had – it was great to see so many old friends again (even if I didn’t recognise Kouros at first :-( ), and to meet some of you for the first time – Sparkle, Jess, Carol, the Milk Monster and her loyal entourage, Elo15e and Sam, and the excellent Madison Star. There was food (including being force-fed profiteroles), booze (hence why I went by train), and the award ceremony for the “Most Entertaining Rubbish Website Award”, which amazingly was won by SimonG. Simon made a lovely acceptance speech – ooh, and by the way, I hope he gave Jess a satisfactory explanation for “the pigeon thing” – just in case he didn’t, you can read about it here in his bloggy archive.

Needless to say there was some caching done: between the station and the pub I nabbed three virtuals: Swing Low was the first, being only just round the corner from the station. Then a nice Thames-side walk, and an amble through the back streets brought me to University Challenge 10 (Stomp Stomp), something interesting to look at outside a museum. Another short walk and a plaque on the wall gave me the information I needed to claim University Challenge 7 (Sizzle Sizzle), and then it was time to head for the Mitre. During a lull in the proceedings, Lord Hutton and I zipped out to find University Challenge 11 (the High). I tried for one more on the way back to the station, but there were too many people about and I was getting a few odd looks.

And that was my day: whether you were at the meet or not, I hope your day was as fab as mine. G’night all.

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