Day Off

You may remember that I mentioned a while ago, how my good chums in Human Resources had wallied up my holidays last year, leading to me losing two days. After I threw my teddies out of the pram, my luvvly boss said I could take them as long as I did so as soon as possible – so today was a day off. Guess what I did?

There’s a cache near me that involves collecting clues from various children’s playparks around Gosport: As a single male, I don’t much like hanging around playparks – there’s too much chance of getting your head kicked in – so today, freezing cold and a schoolday, seemed a fairly safe day to go and have a crack. The Swingpark Medley took me most of the day, although that did include stopping for lunch, and three other caches on the way :-) .

Treasure Chest was made a bit trickier by the fact that one of the clues is missing, but I made a lucky guess and found the cache OK: Victoria’s Secret Cache – nothing to do with underwear, as far as I could tell – was a nice easy cache and dash, and the longest walk of the day was to Cache for Questions, a puzzle cache with a nice two-mile round trip walk at the end.

And then I went home to log my finds, and to get ready for the MongMeet tomorrow.

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