Room 101

With thanks to Marie over at the Bogof Blog for the idea, my own personal list of things to go in room 101:

  1. Dogs. I don’t hate all dogs, but I AM phobic of them, so I hereby consign dogs to room 101, along with owners who let their dogs chase people and other animals, c**p on pavements etc. Although thinking about it, if we just got rid of all the rubbish dog owners, most of the dogs would probably be OK. First up against the wall will be those owners who shout “It’s OK, he’s only playing” when their 18-stone slobberhound is leaping all over some terrified phobic.
  2. Teenage yobs. Although like the dogs, if we just got rid of the parents of teenage yobs, it would probably do a load to solve the problem.
  3. Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, anyhing else that’s ever been presented by Davina McCall or Ant ‘n Dec, etc. And while we’re at it, Eastenders, Coronation Street and all the other twaddle.
  4. Tony Blair. Also his awful wife, and all their sponging champagne socialist mates. And while we’re cleaning up the world of politics, let’s also get rid of the BNP, National Front, and anyone who believes we should adopt the Euro and/or the European Constitution
  5. Radio One. When I were a lad, Radio One had a jingle that went “Ray-dee-oh Wunnn is Wunnnn…Derrrrr…fulllll”, and while it wasn’t, even then, it was about a million times better than it is today.
  6. The nasty people behind the malicious attacks which have kept 34sp – the host where this fine journal lives, as well as many others of the blogring – out of action for most of today

I think that’ll do for now.

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