Adult Education

Today was the third and last of my “Living with your Diabetes” lessons.

I blogged two weeks ago about the first one, and we’ll say no more about that. What I didn’t mention then, was Eric: Eric has read every book that’s ever been written about diabetes, so he knows far more than the course leaders about every aspect of the illness. He also likes the sound of his own voice, and in session one said more than everyone else put together.

Of course I missed last week because I was taking exams, but from what the others said before he arrived tonight, he was just the same then.

Tonight was “Taking Care of Your Feet”, and to start with Eric wasn’t there: We theorised that he knew enough already and was running his own session somewhere else. Sadly, he did turn up after the first hour, and monopolised the conversation for the rest of the evening. Luckily we all get a personal consultation with the podiatrist, so I can ask any questions then. At the end, he was banging on about how great it’d been to all get together to discuss things, and then suggested we swap names and addresses so we could all keep in touch. It was while he was monopolising the elderly couple sitting opposite that the rest of us folded our tents and sneaked out, before he got to us.

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