Driving home from geocaching yesterday, a stone flew up off the road and made a star-shaped crack in the windscreen.

This is, to put it mildly, a pain in the bum: MOT time is coming1, and a crack bigger than 10mm is an MOT failure. At the moment it’s small enough that I’d get away with it, but glass cracks have a habit of growing – when I worked in the laboratory there was a crack in the front window of the fume cupboard that grew daily, although Richard’s habit of tapping it with a coin might have been a contributory factor. Anyway, when researching the legality of windscreen cracks on line today, I found the Autoglass website, where it says that with most insurers there’s no excess on getting windscreen cracks repaired with Autoglass – and that was when I remembered that my insurance company do that!

So, tonight I have to:

  • Dig out MOT certificate to check due date
  • Dig out insurance stuff to confirm details of getting it done by Autoglass
  • Make a note to ring Autoglass tomorrow (it’ll be nearly midnight before I get home tonight)
  • Try to find the bit of paper I wrote Derek and Maureen’s address, and their new e-mail address, on. Nothing to do with the car, I need it for a form I have to fill in.

Then tomorrow I have to remember to ring Autoglass, and then the garage to book an MOT and service. It’s a full life, isn’t it?

1Note to self: Check exact date of MOT-dueness

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