Day Two

Well…that’s those two exams over. I’m quietly confident that there’s an outside chance that I MAY not have failed both of them. Results are out on or just before April 14th. I’ve actually worn out two gel pens over these two days, so I certainly wrote plenty – it just remains to be seen whether I wrote the right stuff to please the examiners. In the last batch of exams, only 23% of candidates passed each paper, so there’s no shame in failing, but I just want them out of the way! If I HAVE passed, there’s one more exam to do – the dreaded “legal and organisational” module, which I’ll take in July.

Needless to say, I managed to fit in a cache on the way home, The Yanks are Coming, The Yanks are Coming! is just off the A34 as it passes Oxford and proved to be a nice easy ten-minute diversion, halfway through the drive.

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